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  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia captured the essence of Jason Statham’s Crank through Frank Reynolds’ eyes.

  By Ian Goodwillie

  Published 5 days ago


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  FX’s?It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?tells the story of five terrible people running a dive bar, yet they’ve endeared themselves?to a devoted fanbase. The worst and oldest of them is Frank Reynolds, a wealthy businessman who spends his semi-retirement with the gang. One episode in particular shows the world from Frank’s perspective, and it’s disturbingly reminiscent of the Jason Statham movie Crank.

  Frank Reynolds is a devious,?violent?person, and calling the man amoral implies it’s possible for him to have morals in the first place, which?certainly does not?appear to be the case. For instance, he admitted to owning sweatshops in other countries and feeding the workers stews made with everything from dead cats to fallen members of the workforce.


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  Being a ruthless businessman who is willing to do anything has made Frank an extremely rich man, yet he lives in squalor with Charlie Kelly, who may be his son. For whatever reason, this makes Frank incredibly happy, as fans?see at the end It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?Season 11, Episode 6, “Being Frank.” It’s shot from Frank’s point of view, with his internal monologue acting as a surprisingly reliable narrator for the entire episode.

  This?It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode?shows just how out of control Frank is. What viewers eventually?learn?is?that the gang’s trying to rescue Dennis’ Range Rover from a police impound yard. Frank’s part of the plan,?has no idea what he’s doing and keeps getting distracted by Bill Ponderosa, who is possibly the only person in the series?that’s a bigger deviant than Frank.


  Frank Reynolds enjoying his own reflection

  The strange part about seeing the world from Frank’s POV?is that it’s more than a little?familiar. As the story?goes on, it feels like audiences are actually watching the 2006 action movie Crank.?In that film,?Statham plays?a hitman who’s poisoned and has to keep his adrenaline pumping until he can find an antidote. He frantically runs around the city, getting in fights and taking all kinds of drugs to keep him rolling.

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  Frank is the same way in?It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s?”Being Frank.”?He keeps taking weird pills that fire him up then knock him down as he?flails?through the mission and saves the day. At times, the whole adventure is borderline incoherent. That’s not because the episode is bad; in fact, it’s one of the best. The problem is that Frank’s mind would be completely addled, even without the egregious substance abuse.


  That’s not the end of the connections between Crank and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.?Glenn Howerton, who plays Dennis Reynolds, appears in?Crank and Crank: High Voltage. He plays a?doctor that deals with Statham in the first movie and gets killed by an errant bullet in the second.

  Honestly, it’s amazing that Frank survived his episode, but he has a way of coming out on top of these kinds of situations, as seen in “Being Frank.” This episode also gives fans a unique view of?the world of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?through how?Frank perceives it, and it’s as wild as?Crank.

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