[Super Mario Bros. 35]Play the last Super Mario Bros 35 World Count Challenge and you may get 350 My Nintendo Platinum Poi

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  It’s the final countdown, everyone, so let’s end it with a bang! While the Super Mario Bros.? 35 game will only be playable until March 31st, the final event will be starting soon (if you haven’t played it, Super Mario Bros. 35 is an exclusive online* game for Nintendo Switch Online members).

  During the Super Mario Bros. 35 World Count Challenge event, players from all over the world will work together to complete a specific goal. If the goal is achieved, eligible players who participated will receive My Nintendo Platinum Points** that can be redeemed on

  Goal: 350 million Coins must be collectively collected during the event

  Event period: 3/23 (Tues.) at 12:00 a.m. PT – 3/29 (Mon.) at 11:59 p.m. PT

  Reward: 350 Platinum Points for each eligible player

  To be eligible, players must choose either the Special Battle or 35-Player Battle mode and collect at least one Coin during the event period. If the goal is reached, Platinum Points will be issued within seven days of the event ending.

  Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who played Super Mario Bros. 35! We sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with the game.

  Nintendo Switch Online members get access to online play and save data backup in compatible games, 90+ classic Super NES? and NES? games, the online-enabled Tetris? 99, and more! You can learn more about the membership by visiting Nintendo Switch Online on the HOME Menu of your system.

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