[zombie army 4: dead war]Left 4 Dead Characters Go Hunting in Zombie Army 4: Dead War Today

Update time:2021-09-08 19:50Tag:

  Rebellion’s post-launch support for Zombie Army 4: Dead War continues with a wicked cool treat for players in the form of Left 4 Dead’s original four characters dropping by as a freebie.

  The original stars of Valve’s long-dormant Left 4 Dead series, Bill, Zoey, Francis, and Louis, have joined Zombie Army 4: Dead War as playable characters. What’s more is that you won’t even have to pay a penny to enjoy the quartet’s return. It’s just a shame they’re not in their own Left 4 Dead 3, right?

  Today’s update brings the familiar Left 4 Dead characters to Zombie Army 4, along with a new compaign mission: Abaddon Asylum. You can get your hands on the new Abaddon Asylum mission as part of the Season Pass, or you can purchase it as a separate download.

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  Could this be a cheeky hint by Valve that Left 4 Dead 3 is coming? Why else would Left 4 Dead characters join Zombie Army 4 in its THIRD season of post-launch content? Huh?! Why?! OK, I’m grasping at every straw, but we need a new Left 4 Dead like horses need… straw. C’mon, Gaben. Do the right thing.