[Steam Madden 21]Everbutive uncomfortable STEAM or G suit?Comparative analysis of game versions

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  In the “uninterrupted”Players can choose to pre-order Steam or directly G suit,Next by golink, players look at “Endlessness” to choose Steam service or g service:



  Two versions of the game single price is 98 yuan,However, the G version has a trusdom purchase method,I can buy three copies at a time.So just say that the price of the price G is still dominant.

  Web environment

  The STEAM version mainly uses W.So there may be a certain delay.If the network environment is compared, it must be a good g.

  Internal props

  As can be seen from the internal test,There is a box in the game,So there will be a lot of things like,From the official description, you can learn that the personal data of the two FWers is not interoperable.Therefore, the equipment of the national service is unable to bring to Steam service.

  Steam has its own market,So we can directly in the STEAM market in the STEAM market.But G also has a hidden B cabinet.May also use this game,This is going to see G’s choice.

  In summary,Partners recommended for network environments Select G suit,Select STEAM services like your skin.

  The above is the content brought by Golink today.Effectively solve the network problem in daily games,One-click download, enjoy the experience!More exciting game information and Raiders continue to update!

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