[Gears Pop!]Gears POP’s final update planned for first week of April

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  By Sean Carey, 17 Mar 2021 900 ? ‘oMessages’ : ‘btnLoadMessageThread’);”> CommentsThe Coalition has revealed that Gears POP! will receive just one more update before its servers close for good on April 26th.


  Gears of War community manager TC Kilo said over on the Gears forum the game’s final update is “provisionally planned for the first week of April.” TC Kilo stopped short of what will be included with the update.

  The last Gears POP! update promised a 60% reduction in the number of duplicate pins required to upgrade at each level, but due to a bug, the update had to be “stripped back” and this change (which would have really benefited those trying to pop the Pin-nacle 4 and Major achievements) had to be removed. With any luck, we’ll hopefully see that change (among others) implemented with this upcoming update.

  Servers for Gears POP! will close on April 26th.

  Thanks to Mike United 007 for the heads-up!

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