[es file explorer download]ES File Explor-er vs Google Files Go: Man-ag-ing Files Better

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  This is where ES File Explorer proves why it is acclaimed as one of the most popular file explorer apps on the Play Store. Inside the menu, you will find Tools section which stacks additional features like music player, locker, note editor, and system manager.

  Most likely you will hate the bare-bones music player. The locker comes as an add-on that you can use to lock your apps. The note/text editor is also good enough to jot down notes and get things done.

  ES File Explorer lets you connect to the cloud storage services and even the FTP servers.

  Most popular cloud storage service providers are supported in it, and if you are a webmaster, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) option will help you manage servers on Android.

  Note: You can setup FTP server to access files from anywhere, and you don’t need to carry around a pen drive or hard disk everywhere.

  Files Go supports only Google Drive and provides no option for connecting to FTP servers.

  Google Files Go will notify you of ways you can free up space and memory on your smartphone. For example, it informed me about 5 apps that I hadn’t used for the past 4 months. A good way to begin house cleaning. A recent update also added support for SD cards.

  It will also find duplicate files that you tend to accumulate over time. The search has an autocomplete feature that will remind you of Google Search. Pretty handy if you remember file names.

  You can use Google Files Go to share files with your friends, who also have the app installed, without an internet connection. This feature turned out to be very useful considering I constantly share pictures, APKs, and videos with my friends in the cafeteria. ES File Explorer also a similar option guised as Sender which you can find under Network option in the sidebar.

  If you are using Google Photos to backup those precious moments, Files Go will work in tandem with the former to remove snaps that are already backed up. That’s smart file management which also helps you save some storage space.

  ES File Explorer has become more aggressive with ads inside the app in the last couple of years. It does get annoying. However, you can pay a monthly subscription (starting $0.99 per month) to remove ads and unlock additional features like themes, SMB 2.0, and access hidden files.

  Google Files Go is a free app, like all other Google apps available on the Play Store. Considering that display advertising is Google’s bread and butter, this is pleasantly surprising.

  The app is neat, ad-free, and works well but lacks several useful features that ES File Explorer offers even in the free version.

  I think it is a bit unfair to compare these two apps. They were meant to handle different aspects of file management and both excel at what they do. I left out comparing their installation file size since I focused mostly on the features.

  Google Files Go was never intended to be an ES File Explorer killer. That said, if you want a clean, no-nonsense file manager, get the Google Files Go. And if you don’t mind paying a bit extra to remove ads and access configurable file manager, then ES Explorer is right up your alley. Or get both and try them out yourself.

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