[Déraciné]Déraciné Easter Egg Has People Talking About Bloodborne 2

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  1get2sammybTue 6th Nov 2018

  I think we all expected something to be in Deracine pertaining to Bloodborne. This is definitely an Easter egg, but I’m not going to convince myself it’s anything more than that.



  2Rudy_ManchegoTue 6th Nov 2018

  Don’t get my giblets all puffed up with Easter eggs like that From Software…



  3jdv95Tue 6th Nov 2018

  easter eggs are often just what they do.

  a simple or clever reference to other games from the same dev.

  i often just roll my eyes whenever someone thinks that the easter eggs mean more then just a reference, example some people thinking that 1 game that has an easter egg from another game by the same dev means that those 2 games MUST be connected or share the same universe etc.

  it kinda gets annoying after a while.



  4Pepsiman_100Tue 6th Nov 2018

  Im probably the only one who doesnt want a bloodborne sequel. The game was a complete package and I enjoyed the not so happy endings. If anything I’d like to see a prequel with playable gherman, maria and the other significant characters before everything turned to poo



  5BrooshTue 6th Nov 2018

  Hopeful fans jumping to conclusions.



  6ellsworth004Tue 6th Nov 2018

  Why would they not make a bloodborne 2, I’m assuming the first one did pretty good. One of my favorite ps4 games.



  7AmuseiTue 6th Nov 2018

  I just want another souls like game. Sekiro looks nice but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be in the same vein as Dark Souls/Bloodborne



  8themcnoisyTue 6th Nov 2018

  @jdv95 You do know all PlayStation games share the same universe. In fact it’s the same Country. PlayStation nation.



  9JohnnycideTue 6th Nov 2018

  I’m not getting my hopes up since that shadows die twice bobbins. We could have a sequel to one of the best games of all time, but nope. Bionic nioh and whatever the hell this nonsense is. Such a shame.



  10Gremio108Tue 6th Nov 2018

  When will fans stop getting their hopes up?

  I’ve pre-ordered though just in case.



  11Grim-TuesdayTue 6th Nov 2018

  I would lose it. Bloodborne is single handedly the best game this gen.



  12HapucTue 6th Nov 2018

  @Johnnycide The game looks lit dude Hey I would take BloodBorne over Sekiro but no one can’t deny the game doesn’t look awesome.



  13toffeecritTue 6th Nov 2018

  Bloodborne is still my fave PS4 game, even in the face of some of the gems we have had since. As much as i’d love to have a sequel it feels like such a complete experience i’m not sure. As for a prequel i’m not sure i’d want that, part of what I love about it is how the world building is relatively ambiguous through fragments of information that leaves it up to the player to make sense of what is going on.



  14NoxAeturnusTue 6th Nov 2018

  @ronb44 A deftly handled prequel could be interesting, but as @toffeecrit says, From’s world building relies on ambiguous clues and fragments, so I’m not sure how they’d manage that.



  15malbhetWed 7th Nov 2018

  @ronb44 I can understand your point and it is a complete product that doesn’t need a sequel, but at the same time I will be extremely excited if they did do one or at the very least create a totally different game that is just as interesting as Bloodborne but isn’t connected to any of the Soulsborne games.

  Tbh I just want another ARPG from From Software, I honestly don’t care what it is really just as long as it’s a new ARPG because they pretty much make the most interesting ARPGs with hidden secrets now.



  16malbhetWed 7th Nov 2018

  @toffeecrit If they decided to flesh out their cut content and make a Bloodborne sequel, but with an asian theme, I would lose my mind over that. Sadly though I honestly don’t think From Software is working on anything outside of what they have already announced.

  Maybe in 2020 we will see a new project from these devs, I doubt we will hear anything from them in 2019 aside from Sekiro and its DLC that year.



  17doctommasoWed 7th Nov 2018

  Certainly would love a BB2; BB is my fave game on PS4 and possibly my fave From game, along with Demon’s Souls. Looking forward to Sekiro very much. Playing Nioh right now, which is amazing itself, albeit a total Soulsborne rip-off; highly recommended.



  18SegaBlueSkyWed 7th Nov 2018

  There’s genuinely no game from the current generation I’d love a sequel to more than Bloodborne. There’s so much potential in a second game – really hope it happens eventually. Nice little easter egg either way, but fingers crossed!



  19Rich549Wed 7th Nov 2018

  Half Life 3 confirmed!



  20Weegee71Thu 8th Nov 2018

  Hopefully it’s not just another From software red herring coz you know how those wags at From like to keep the fans guessing


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