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  Super Mario Party recently received a patch to play tons of different game modes online with friends. This guide will show players how to set it up.

  By Sky Flores

  Published Apr 29, 2021


  Super Mario Party Online Update

  Nintendo has recently introduced the online play to?Super Mario Party. This guide will show players how they can play online with friends.?Super Mario Party released back in 2018 with extremely limited online play. During this period, players were only able to participate in a handful of mini-games with few rulesets to choose from. Players were unable to play all the other minigames or participate in traditional boards. Now in 2021, Nintendo has surprised pretty much everyone by releasing a massive patch that brings a more robust online play to?Super Mario Party. Players can now participate in 70 minigames with friends across the globe and join in on traditional board matches. This guide is going to show players how they can set this up.

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  Super Mario Party Online Update

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  The official list of additional online content is Mario Party, Partner Party, and Free Play (Minigames). For starters, everyone will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription to participate. This is with almost every online title that comes to the Nintendo Switch so no surprise there.? Not only that, but up to two players can participate per console, allowing players to participate in local and online play. This guide will show players how they can set up online play.

  Super Mario Party Nintendo Switch Luigi High Five Wide

  For starters, players will need to update the game to version 1.1.0. Once this is done, head over to either Mario Party, Partner Party, or Minigames and choose Online Play. The game will give the player two different options to choose from.


  Friend Match: Players can play with other players on their Friends List.Private Game: Players can play with anyone as long as they share the same password.

  Players can actually invite players over to their game by heading over to the friend’s list for every game except for Online Mariothon. Not only that but all maps and all characters will be made available in online play, regardless of the progress of the participating players. Also, play data will not save during online play. Now, players can ruin their friendships from across the globe.

  This is one of the strangest things Nintendo has ever done. To introduce online play to a game that has been out for nearly 3 years is head-scratching. Not only that, but they did it as the world begins to return back to normal. Imagine this released during the beginning of the global pandemic? There doesn’t seem to be a reason this happened besides Nintendo just wanted to. It raises the question of what other games they can potentially alter long after release. Maybe?Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will finally get some new content? Only time will tell.


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  Super Mario Party?is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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