[Monster Hunter Rise]Capcom Collab 1 Event Quest now live in Monster Hunter Rise

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  Monster Hunter Rise has just received its first Capcom Collab, bringing a brand new layered armor to the game. If you’ve been looking forward to Monster Hunter Stories 2 or just want a fresh look for your Palico, you’ll be able to gather materials to make the Tsukino layered armor once you download the latest Event Quest. What’ll be standing in your way, you ask? Well…


  Clear the quest “Bird Wyverns of Ruin?” to craft the Tsukino Palico layered armor from #MHStories2!

  Available with Senri the Mailman. #MHRise

  — Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) June 18, 2021

  It’s bird wyverns! And low rank ones at that. Cleaning up these early game chumps shouldn’t be a problem even for the most novice of hunters. This is the second Low Rank Event Quest added to Rise, so even if it takes a couple runs to get enough materials to craft the gear at least it’ll be over quickly, for you and the poor monsters.

  You can download the new Event Quest now, and look forward to two more planned Capcom Collabs in the coming months.

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